Hispanic Community Council

Spearman ISD Hispanic Community Advisory Committee

The purpose of the committee is to be able to learn more about the culture and climate of the Hispanic community, open a dialogue between community, parents, and school, and become an advocate for the school district. The members include: Melissa Vigil, Bertha Salgado, Gaby Ruiz, Araseli Vaquera, Rosi Martinez, Zaira Gonzales, Hector Diaz, Gerardo Munoz, Orlando Ortiz, Manuel Mendoza, Valentin Macias, Laura Davila, Karina Baca, Nelly Rosendo, Dan Gist, and Kristi Ramon.

The priority for the committee was to determine issues and cultivate solutions. A plan of action was developed that addressed the concerns. Four issues were determined: Disconnect between home and school, Extracurricular participation, Immigration/Dreamers, and Making families feel valued and informed of family resources.

The strategies are continually being reviewed and assessed. The committee is proud of the progress and desires to continue to reach all families within the Hispanic community.

Hispanic Community Council
Hispanic Community Coucil
Hispanic Community Council

Council Members

Melissa VigilGerardo Munoz
Bertha SalgadoOrlando Ortiz
Gaby RuizManuel Mendoza
Araceli VaqueraValentin Macias
Rosi MartinezLaura Davila
Zaira GonzalesKarina Baca
Nelly RosendoHector Diaz
 Kristi Ramon


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2021 Action Plan

2021 Action Plan