LYNX to Learning

Lynx to Learning-Kristi Ramon

Kristi Ramon
Teacher Mentor Coordinator

Spearman ISD's Teacher Mentor Program

Spearman ISD's vision is to have an effective highly qualified beginning teacher program that partners with teachers new to the profession.  The mentor program provides support that is sustained over time and intended to further the education and professional development of the protégé.  First, second and third year teachers will receive mentoring, coaching and training in a variety of different levels (The Heart of Teaching).  We believe every teacher can be effective when given the training, support and time.

Everyone needs time to process new learning.  A thoughtful training plan has been established considering the amount of new information being taught, timing of the school year, and expected outcomes.   Seven teachers are part of this dynamic team called Lynx to Learning Teacher Academy.  

The Lynx to Learning Teacher Academy meets throughout the school year covering topics that inspires, supports, and encourages others so they are effective teachers that make a positive difference in the lives of their students.


Lynx to Learning Academy Team

Lance Swan
Jacob Davis
Jacob Sexton
Samuel Ortiz
Daniel Ward

Spearman ISD welcomes Lance Swan to the team.  Swan is the agriculture teacher at Spearman High School.  He is married to Sally, and they have three children. 

Swan is a Spearman High School graduate and has served Spearman for many years.  He earned his first degree from West Texas A&M University and went on to earn a second degree from Oklahoma Panhandle State University. 

Some of his honors include President of High Plains Police Chief’s Association, and he was nominated to serve on the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Advisory Board.  He is a member of the Texas Police Chief’s Association and High Plains Police Chief Association.

He is an outdoorsman and enjoys hunting, fishing, and cooking out.  Watching his boys play sports is one of his favorite things to do as well as leatherwork. 

“I am excited to be part of Spearman ISD.  Go Lynx and Lynxettes,” states Swan.  Spearman ISD is excited you are a part of the team, and we are excited to see the great ideas you will bring to the team.  

Jacob Davis joins the SISD team and is the Band Director at SHS and SJH. He graduated from West Texas A&M University in 2019.

While in college he was a member of Phi Mu Alpha, Alpha Kappa PSI, and West Texas A&M University Marching Band.  An honor he held in college was being on the Dean’s List.

Davis enjoys running, reading, hiking, rock climbing, and traveling to National Parks.

He will be getting married summer 2022.

Keep up the great work with the Mighty Lynx Band. You and your co-workers will continue to do great things at SISD!

Jacob Sexton is the Assistant Band Director at SHS and SJH.  He joined the team this year and is in his first year of teaching. 

He graduated with his bachelor and master’s degrees from West Texas A&M University. 

“I love getting to know the fantastic students.  They are hardworking, dedicated, and have great personalities inside and outside the classroom. 

He enjoys playing music, jigsaw puzzles, and playing video games in his free time. 

Congratulations on the high school band advancing to Area Marching Contest.  You and your team have worked hard for this honor!  

Samuel Ortiz has joined the SISD team and is teaching high school art.  He was an adjunct teacher at Oklahoma Panhandle State University prior to starting at SISD. 

He earned his degree from Oklahoma Panhandle State University graduating with honors in 2020. 

 “I like the interaction of students and the creativity they have. I like how they are able to solve problems and push themselves,” commented Ortiz. 

One of his hobbies is to watch comedy on YouTube. 

Keep enjoying the creativity of the students and continue challenging them to hone in on their skills.  Welcome to the team!  

Daniel Ward is the Assistant Band Director at Spearman Junior High and Spearman High School.  He also teaches fifth grade band at Gus Birdwell Elementary.

Ward graduated with his bachelor and master’s degrees from West Texas A&M University.  In 2020 and 2021, he was awarded the Star Performer. 

“The people I work with make my day easy and eventful,” shared Ward. 

His future includes obtaining a doctoral degree and teach at the college level at some point.   

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, hiking, and petting his dog. 

Congratulations on the high school band advancing to Area competition. We are glad you joined the SISD team!