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The August edition of the newsletter includes articles about Covid 19 and the Grief Process, Internet Safety, Countdown to School Success, Home-Schooling Tips, Tips for Returning to School, and Parent-Teacher Conferences.

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85th Texas Legislative Session
August 30, 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The 85th Texas Legislature recently passed legislation (HB 657) which pertains to students who receive special education services under Texas Education Code, Chapter 29, subchapter A.
All students taking state assessment (STAAR), including students receiving special education services, are subject to grade-advancement requirements and participation in an accelerated instruction program. However, HB 657 requires the Admission, Review, Dismissal (ARD) committee to make decisions regarding both grade placement and participation in an accelerated instruction program in certain circumstances.

HB 657 states that if a 5th or 8th grade student receiving special education services does not perform satisfactorily on STAAR in reading or mathematics, the ARD committee must meet prior to the second administration of the test. The ARD committee must determine the manner in which the student will participate in an accelerated instruction program and whether the student will be promoted or retained.

When deciding between promotion and retention, the ARD committee may promote the student if the student made sufficient progress on the measurable academic goals in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), despite not performing satisfactorily on the reading or mathematics STAAR test. If promoted, the school district is not required to provide the student additional opportunities to perform satisfactorily on the STAAR test.

Additional information regarding promotion can be found in the Student Success Initiative (SSI) Manual, which can be accessed online at

If you have questions, please contact Mary Nine (special education director)


Mary Nine

Director of Special Education
Do you have a deserving teacher that needs to be recognized for his/her abundant hard work?  Teacher On the Rise is a program that recognizes great teachers in the Texas Panhandle area.  This program was created to give students the opportunity to write and tell about their teachers that deserve special recognition throughout the entire school year.  Three teachers throughout the Texas panhandle will be selected each month for this award.

Log on to and write a short essay on how your teacher(s) go above and beyond the call of duty.  If your teacher is selected he/she will win a prize and you will too!! 
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