Superintendent and Administration

Mr. Dan Gist

A Message from the Superintendent


Welcome to Spearman ISD where we have a rich tradition of high academic and extra-curricular excellence. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, I would like to thank you for accessing our Spearman ISD website.  In partnership with our families and community, our continuing goal is to inspire education and innovation within our students, preparing them to be responsible members of our community and society. We strive to be a student-focused district that is highly regarded for the competence and character of our students and the excellence of our staff, programs, and learning environment.


Spearman is a close-knit community.  We are all working together for our children to become successful.  Our teachers are loving and compassionate, encouraging our students to perform at very high academic levels.  We have high academic expectations of our students and celebrate their successes with them, both great and small.  Our students will have many opportunities to grow and learn in a caring and inspiring environment. They are guided by motivated, well-prepared teachers, specialists, and administrators who believe in academic success for their students.


As the Superintendent of Schools, my focus is on our students, and I will make a continuous effort to visit classrooms, attend events, and build relationships both in our schools and in our community.  I am amazed at the cultural and academic opportunities for our talented and diverse students. These opportunities, however, would not be possible without the expertise of our wonderful teachers and support staff. Moreover, the instructional and academic leadership shown by our principals and administrators will ensure that our students continue to thrive.


Our administration has spent all summer planning for the opening of school.  But, in the middle of a pandemic our plans are fluid, uncertain, and must be adaptable.  Please be understanding when or if changes are made. They will be researched based with protections in place for our students and staff. 

It’s a great day to be a Lynx!  



Dan R. Gist II

Spearman ISD Superintendent

Administration Staff

Shane Whiteley

Shane Whiteley
Asst. Superintendent

Kristi Ramon

Kristi Ramon
Teacher Mentor Coordinator

Kristin Shieldknight

Kristin Shieldknight
Chief of Innovation

Tami Hargrove

Tami Hargrove
Coordinator of Mental Health Services

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Laura Davila

Nora Saenz

Nora Saenz 
Executive Secretary

Rebecca McKay

Rebecca McKay
Administrative Assistant

Brenda Ferguson

Brenda Ferguson
Director of PEIMS & Finance

Technology Team

Donita Lusby

Donita Lusby
Technology Specialist

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